The Tower of London. A joiner created by Mark Murfitt © 2012 . All rights reserved.

Tower of London 2

The Tower of London is fantastically historical, wandering around you really get a sense of the history which surrounds the group of buildings which make up The Tower of London.

Once on the inside you get to see the Beefeaters in their mildly weird uniforms trying their best to remain cool while showing the latest batch of tourists where the toilets are or where the queue starts to see the crown jewels. The Beefeaters are ex-servicemen and all live on site, from what I can tell it’s pretty hard to become a Beefeater, I guess having the patience of a saint must be a pre-requisite.

I was going to write about what the Tower of London is best known for, but upon reflection it’s actually known for quite a lot, none more important than the other.
There’s the ravens (big black huge birds, like a crow, but much, much bigger) who, if they leave will signify the fall of the monarchy…so obviously their wings have been clipped to stop them flying and to ensure they never leave.. :) I wonder if it was the monarchy who gave the order for their wings to be clipped ???

Then there’s the crown jewels, guarded by the good old Beefeaters.
It’d be very difficult to find a more impressive collection of bling. It’s funny to think that these jewels were once amongst the most expensive items on the planet…now I guess there’s yachts, paintings, sculptures, houses, cars..probably even race horses.

And then there’s the tower where Anne Boleyn was held before she was beheaded…it’s a little weird when you walk over the spot where all the be-headings used to happen, to think all those people were executed right where you’re stood…creepy!!
And of course there’s Tower Bridge, while not part of the Tower of London it’s right next door and looks kind of similar, but is around 900 years younger (it’s all metal girders inside).
And lastly, and certainly most recently, there’s the Tower of London ice rink…and no, it’s not there all year. The ice rink is temporarily situated where the moat would have been and stays around for 3 months. I’ve not been, but the photos look very romantic and pretty.

Photographing the Tower of London was qutie tricky due to the fact there’s no one spot where you can get a good vantage point of the whole collection of buildings, which is why this is my second, and favourite joiner of the Tower. I’ll include the other joiner at a later date.

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Dimensions: 7.35m wide by 2.95m high (24.50ft x 9.83ft)

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