Tower Bridge. Joiner created by Mark Murfitt © 2013 . All rights reserved.

Tower bridge, London

I like this joiner of Tower Bridge, I actually have another couple of joiners of Tower Bridge I’ve not yet put together (one of them is massive and I’m a bit scared to get started on it), but this joiner gives a good overall impression of this iconic bridge. The bridge is far younger than it looks, but I won’t bore you with a history lesson, if you’re really that interested, check this link.

At the time of shooting this joiner the sky obliged me by looking all moody and menacing, it’s just a pity there wasn’t some more rain the pavement alongside the Thames as this would have looked great. The building just off to the right is where the Mayor of London does his day-to-day work, there’s a joiner of that somewhere on the site – LINK

Picture particulars:

Dimensions: 4.95m wide by 2.60m high (16.50ft x 8.67ft)

Photos used: 26

Song inspiration:

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