Cornwall's St Michael Mount. Joiner created by Mark Murfitt © 2013 . All rights reserved.

St Michaels Mount – View 2, Cornwall

This is one of three joiners I took of St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, unusually for me I wasn’t confident of the view/composition I’d chosen, so I decided to take three joiners from three different perspectives, put them together and see which one I preferred.

This particular joiner isn’t necessarily the best one, it’s just the first one I’ve put together and posted on the site (the others should be following in due course).

St Michael’s Mount is on the south coast in Cornwall and is a great place, not least because it’s off from the main land twice a day by the incoming tide, however when the tide is out you can walk across quite easily.
This is where I show a shocking lack of information about my subject matter, but I’ve absolutely no idea who lives here, I know it’s open to the public, but I believe it’s also a private residence.
I don’t know who built it, or why, I don’t know if they were royalty or one of the aristocracy, however what I do know is it makes for a great joiner :)

Viewing Instructions:

To view this joiner at it’s best, do the following
– Plug in headphones
– Hit the play button on the audio player below
– On the window below click the icon in the bottom right hand corner (a square with a diagonal line through it)
– Sit back and enjoy the joiner as it was meant to be enjoyed!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Picture particulars:

Dimensions: 8.38m wide by 3.38m high (27.92ft x 11.25ft)

Photos used: 36

Song inspiration: U2 – Grace

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