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Size does matter!!

Big photos are good, large photos are great, but massive photos are where it’s at!

I say this safe in the knowledge that my joiners are some of the biggest photos in the world!
I know, I know, billboards feature massive photographs, however, the photos which appear on billboards have been blown-up to enable them to be that size. Most of these photos if they were printed at a 1:1 ratio would be a lot, lot smaller (the biggest would be around A2 size). And if you don’t believe me, go find your local billboard, press your nose right up close to the photo, and tell me that it’s not an indiscernible mess!
My joiners however are natively massive, they don’t need blowing up as they’re already on a scale which rivals the size seen on billboards. And the good thing about my joiners is when you press your nose right up close you get to see the photo in excruciating detail, not a mass of blue, red and green dots..
Imagine if you will, you walk past an art gallery and see this massive, amazing landscape picture (one of my joiners). You decide to pop in to get a closer look, you stand well back to take in the entire picture and wow, it looks great, but then you get a little closer to look at some of the detail, and, hang on a minute, the picture isn’t becoming fuzzy, losing the detail. You draw closer still, and to your amazement you can see all the fine detail in the picture. In fact, the closer you get, the more of the detail you see.
That my friends, is the beauty of my joiners, yes they’re bigger than a big bag of big things, but get up close and personal with one, and you see all the fine detail.

I can hear the outcry from photographers all over the globe, ‘it’s not what you got, it’s what you do with it’, ‘that size isn’t everything’..errm, well, I think it kind of is actually, and I can say that safe in the knowledge that I’m producing the largest photos in the world!

If you got it, flaunt it!
Come on!

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