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Permanent exhibition installation

This was a very proud day for me, as it was the first time I’d seen my joiners printed in the flesh, and while I was very nervous at seeing them for the first time, I was also incredibly excited.
Through a very good friend of mine a company called NESTA heard about my work and decided they wanted to replace their outgoing artwork with my pieces on the walls of their offices in central London.

I of course was more than happy to oblige and thus began a hectic couple of months thrashing out the details of what was to be printed, what size all the pieces should be, where they were to be hung, costings etc..

And on a sunny Sunday morning in May the installation happened with me sitting nervously by, hoping I hadn’t forgotten anything..

The installation and printing was carried out by a fantastic company called MX Displays, who were very accommodating and did a great job at not only printing these massive canvas’s but also carrying out the installation with consummate ease.

A near disaster was averted last minute when the plaques carrying a brief description of the joiner, and details of yours truly, were printed with incorrect details. However my good friends over at One Vision Imaging managed to pull out all the stops and squeezed what normally would have been a two week job in to 48hrs and have the plaques delivered at the same time as the canvas’s.

Whilst these joiners are in a private office, due to an agreement I have with NESTA I’m able to host private audience’s with prior agreement, so if you’d like to see them, email me and we’ll see if we can get something arranged.

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  1. exciting stuff man! seeing your work printed to that scale and know that it’ll be seen daily by many… awesome!

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