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Joining People

The keen eyed amongst you would have seen not only is there a new joiner featuring an actual person, but there’s also a new category (down at the bottom of each page) called ‘Joining People’.

This is an idea I’ve been toying with for quite sometime, and that is of creating a series of joiners of normal everyday people. I’m starting to formulate a plan about starting this series, although having said that the joiner of Nick Rough was actually done a few years ago for a magazine, here’s a tear sheet:

Nick Rough article in Ubrupt magazine

And this got me to thinking about who and how exactly I’d like to photograph people, what would make an interesting joiner?
I’ve decided, to stay true to my ethos of not ‘fiddling’ with the environment, and so I’ve decided to photograph people in their ‘natural habitat’, so that could be where they work, down the pub, walking the dog in the local park or sat watching the telly.

Now I’m not wanting to photograph models in a fictitious environment, that would be too contrived, what I want to show, like the Nick Rough Joiner shows, is people in ‘their’ environment, be it work, play or otherwise…no matter how dirty, tatty or posh it may be.

Now obviously the more interesting the environment, the more interesting the overall photo, but I don’t want to get in to the whole thing of trying to create an interesting environment for people, these joiner have to show people ‘as is’.

So, stay tuned for more joiners featuring people as I create them…

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