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Joiner photography..what’s it all about anyway!?

Joiner photography, or joiners, is just about the best type of photography there is…in my humble opinion that is. But what is a ‘Joiner’ I hear you ask?

Simply put a joiner is a collection of individual photos which when ‘joined’ together with it’s brethren forms the whole.

What this means is when you’re looking at one of my joiners, and you see it’s made up of lots of rectangles, well, each of those rectangles is one single photo showing just a small portion of the whole subject matter. If just one of these individual photos were printed to scale it would be approximately the size of an A3 piece of paper, you can now see how my joiners have grown to such large proportions..

The joiner technique was first pioneered by David Hockney, a phenomenal artist living in the North of England. It’s one thing to adopt a style and make it your own, but to come up with that style in the first place, man! Now that’s creativity!

But anyway, I digress, David first took multiple photos of an object, had those photos processed, and then I presume got down on hands and knees and matched all the photos together in a kind of collage, you can see an example of his work here.

What I’ve done is taken this technique and brought it in to the digital age, and thanks to modern digital cameras, and the size of the photos they produce, it means my photos are simply huge, some of them big enough to wrap a building in fact… :)

When I’m chatting to people about my joiners, I’m often asked if my joiners started life as a single image, which I have somehow broken up and fixed back together again (Photoshop is given way too much credit!!).
The answer is obviously no, I then go on to point out each joiner is made up of anything up to 100 individual images which are joined on a huge canvas in Photoshop to form the complete picture. A word of warning, if you’re going to try your hand at creating a joiner, get yourself a pretty good computer, the canvas area I start off with in Photoshop is 40,000 pixels wide by 30,000 pixels high, however some of the joiners are so large they’ve resulted in a canvas size of 120,000 wide!! And you just try rendering that on a old computer…you’ll be there for quite some time!

I hope this brief explanation goes some way to explain what a joiner is…if you’re still not sure, give me a shout and I’ll show you one…just to prove it! :)

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  1. this sounds great! really helped with my photography project! you tlak like I do man! :D

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