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Investing in art..

Ever hear the story about the guy who created some murals in the Facebook HQ and got paid in shares which are now (at the time of writing) worth $200 million?!

The guys name is David Choe (here’s a link to just one of the stories online –

He took the risk to take payment for his work in shares rather than hard currency. Shares in a company which at the time he’s quoted as saying was ‘..ridiculous and pointless’.

He took a gamble and it paid off, big time, so I ask the question; is it worth investing in art?

Sometime no, probably not.
Not when it’s not original work or forging new ground.
Not if you don’t love it or are passionate about it.
But if you are, and if it’s new material which is ‘out there’ then perhaps it’s worth taking a shot in the dark.
If nothing else you’ll have a nice piece of art to hang on your wall, and if it pays off, then it could be an investment which not only looks after you in your old age, but also looks after your family for many, many years to come.

I guess the question has to be asked whether art should be seen as just an investment or something which, regardless or price, should only be enjoyed aesthetically?
Well it’s a little of both, if you have the means then why not invest in something you love, to not only enjoy it, but also to safeguard it, to look after and watch over it. But also to ensure it’s something which will look after you should you need to cash it in, in future years.

So are my joiners worth investing in?
As an investment today, then probably not, however if I have my way then global exposure and world domination are only around the corner and the paltry sums I charge for my joiners today will fade in to insignificance when compared with what they’ll be fetching in auction houses in the coming years.
Who knows what’s around the corner, once my joiners are out there, making their own way in the world, then the price will go up…and up…and up!

The last question for you – ever hear about the guy who painted the Facebook HQ and too a risk?
Yup, me to :)

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  1. I think you’re right Mark, investing in art can be seen as a risk, but only if you don’t like what you are investing your money in…….. If you do like what you are investing in then the worst case senario is that you have bought something you like……… so not really a risk at all.

    But, if you are luck enought to make some money out of a piece of art that you like, thats just like free money. Which is something everyone likes !

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