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First things first, I ought to offer an apology, it’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything new to the site, work as well as extra curricular activities have all conspired against me in keeping me away from updating the site, although not from photographing some new joiners (more on this late).

However, I digress, a couple of months back I was contact by Amateur Photographer magazine wanting to do an interview and a feature on me in their magazine, after much negotiating with their people talking with my people we did the interview and my work was published in a 5 page feature in their magazine.

I’m really pleased with how article turned out, Gemma (the journalist) said some rather nice things about me, although I must point out that a little creative licence was used when writing the article. But still, it’s interesting to read her take on me and what I do, actually, it’s a rather surreal experience reading what someone else writes about you.

Anyway, here’s the article in all it’s glory :)

You can download the pdf copy of the article here..

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