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Go on, I dare you..!

I’m assuming that if you’re reading this then you have more than a passing interest in just looking at my joiners. I’ll assume you want to know a little more about these ‘joiner’ things…. good on you for scratching below the surface!

So, I’m going to dare you…I’m going to dare you to plug some headphones in and listen to the ‘inspired’ track I’ve listed with each joiner at the bottom of each post. The inspired track is part of what makes the joiner a joiner, in that it’s what I was listening to whilst putting the joiner together and I guess in some way it influenced the way the joiner looks.

And yes, it does have to be headphones (even beter if you have some of those fancy BOSE noise cancelling headphones), why, I hear you ask? Well, it free’s you from all the distractions around you, it helps you concentrate on the detail of each joiner, it isolates you..

You see, just looking at the joiner isn’t enough, to enjoy it in its entirety you need to listen to the track as well, this will speak to you on a level simply viewing the joiner on its own can’t, you’ll have the entire ‘experience’ the artist wants you to have (the artist being me :)

If you go back through previous posts you’ll see the ‘zoom.it’ photo facility towards the bottom of each page, and if it’s there (I’m getting round to adding one to each joiner..you’ll have to bear with me, it takes a while) then use it.

Use it, use it, use it!

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