Claridges Toilet. A joiner created by Mark Murfitt © 2014 . All rights reserved.

Claridges Toilet

Now some might say that photographing a toilet is a little unusual, weird even, and I guess it is, but this toilet was quite the was the guy whose life it was to clean it!

I don’t normally do interior joiners, for no other reason than I’ve not really seen much indoors I want to photograph, however when I found myself in these toilets, with the shiny pipes, the glass covering to protect one’s feet from ‘spray’ and just the love and attention which had gone in to maintaining these toilets, I though how can I not?

Shooting an interior joiner is no different from an exterior, however the complexity comes when putting it together on the’s a nightmare and takes ages. Because of the wide angle lens need to shoot the interior (being so close to the subject) it makes it very tricky to have the individual photos match up. Now I don’t mind the photos not matching up, infact I find it gives the end product an edge, plus it can sometimes draw your attention to certain details otherwise not seen..
Not sure if you’ve noticed, but there’s a deliberate mistake with the continuity in this joiner…can you see what it is yet?


Picture particulars:

Dimensions: 3.43m wide by 2.83m high (11.42ft x 9.42ft)

Photos used: 22

Song inspiration:.

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  1. Interested in doing a feature online of the best looking toilets in London.
    You have one of the restroom from Claridges, London.
    Please can you give me a cost if we choose to use online?

    Many Thanks

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