China Town in London. A joiner created by Mark Murfitt © 2012 . All rights reserved.

China Town, London

China Town in London is small! Or at least it’s smaller than you think, it’s really not much more than the street you see here in this joiner.

There are other bits to it tucked around the back, but generally this is it.

However, if you’re after Chinese food then you could do a lot worse than choose one of the Chinese restaurants along this street, which is basically full of them. This street (Gerrard Street) is an interesting place, lots of noise and bustle, smells and some strange looking very flat chickens (or they could be ducks) hanging in the windows.

I’ve eaten here a couple of times over the years, and while I wouldn’t necessarily say it was worth the trip for the food, it’s definitely worth the trip for the atmosphere (the food, in my humble opinion isn’t any better than my local Chinese restaurant).

This was quite a tricky joiner to shoot as people kept walking in front of me, and I mean RIGHT in front of me, literally within a foot or two! It’s hard to maintain the momentum when you keep having to stop, but I dug deep and soldiered on.. :)

I’d love to shoot China Town again, but try to get a little height to get more of the street’d really show the true character of the place.

Viewing Instructions:

To view this joiner at it’s best, do the following
– Plug in headphones
– Hit the play button on the audio player below
– On the window below click the icon in the bottom right hand corner (a square with a diagonal line through it)
– Sit back and enjoy the joiner as it was meant to be enjoyed!

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Picture particulars:

Dimensions: 3.30m wide by 4.45m high (11ft x 14.8ft)

Photos used: 25

Song inspiration: The Vapors – Turning Japanese

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  1. awesome!!! your joiners are really impressive, and have inspired me to try out this style.(on a much smaller scale of course), i particularly like the fact that some exposures are different within the scene. its really quite refreshing!

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