Charlestown in Cornwall. A joiner created by Mark Murfitt © 2012 . All rights reserved.

Charlestown, Cornwall

Charlestown in Cornwall is an interesting place to photograph, it’s nice and old, with loads of character, but it’s also tiny and has a couple of enormous Tall ships docked at it’s quay most of the time.

When I took the photos for this joiner I was in my ‘not including any annoying people in the shot’ stage (which I’ve now grown out of). So, it looks a bit like a ghost town, which it isn’t normally, but at least the joiner’s not too fussy.
You can probably see the Tall ship in the background, well I photographed it not long after shooting these photos, and it will appear on this site soon, I’ve just not had time to put it together yet.
Once a year there’s some sort of regatta held here, I’ve not been myself so I don’t know what they get up to: note to self, must get along to the regatta one of these years and photograph it…
Charlestown used to be the port of choice to ship china clay out of Cornwall to the rest of the country/world, to be made into plates and things, there’s still some of the old machinery dotted around the place, but not much.

There are a few little shops around the town, and a mildly weird museum about ship-wrecks (is it weird to have a museum about shipwrecks? It’s like having a museum about aeroplane or car crashes), other than that there’s not a whole lot here but it is a sweet little place nevertheless.

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Picture particulars:

Dimensions: 3.30m wide by 7.08m high (23.58ft x 11ft)

Photos used: 44

Song inspiration: The Wonderstuff, Fisherman’s blues

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