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Living in the south west of London gives me ample opportunity to be a ‘London Photographer’, however, photographing in London means you’re competing with literally tens of thousands of other photographers. So, how to differentiate yourself from the pack? Create a unique style no one else is doing, and that’s what I like to think I’ve been able to achieve.
Photographing the most famous, recognisable parts of London as joiners is incredibly gratifying as most of the London landscapes I’ve photographed have been over represented since the birth of the camera, which can make finding an ‘angle’ very tricky. However no one has photographed the landmarks of London quite like I have, which means I have my unique angle!
London is a melting pot of the old and new and has a population which is as diverse as its architecture, so it’s no wonder it offers so many fantastic opportunities to capture the many famous London landmarks.
Architectural photography in London is a competitive market as it’s a city which is constantly renewing itself meaning there are new buildings defining the skyline all the time, but the good news is all these buildings need photographing, which I’m more than happy to do.
I’m very proud of my London joiners as I believe they offer a fresh new perspective of a city with a rich heritage which can often be seen all too clearly, and charted, through its architecture.