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The Lake District is a stunning place to photograph, and I like to think my best joiners have been created here. It’s an area of the UK I’ve tried to visit every year for the past 15 years, although I’ve not always made it due to other commitments, however The Lake District is an area of outstanding natural beauty, and while it doesn’t have the soaring peaks of the Alps, or the majesty of The Rockies, it’s quintessentially English down to the last stone path.
One of the most famous supporters of The Lakes was Alfred Wainwright who, upon his first view of The Lakes said ‘I was totally transfixed, unable to believe my eyes. I had never seen anything like this…This was truth. God was in His heaven that day and I a humble worshipper’. This is a sentiment I couldn’t agree with more, on a clear September morning, with the tourists and families gone home after the summer holidays, there are few places on earth I’d rather be than starting a climb up the Langdale Pikes.
I’ve only photographed a tiny portion of The Lakes to date, mainly in the Langdale region, however my aim is to photograph as much of The Lakes as possible, and not only the mountains, but the supporting elements of the Lakes, the details which make The Lakes such a beautiful area of England.
Photographing The Lakes does present a unique challenge, in that to reach a decent vantage point from which to photograph, it often requires quite a climb, and while I’m certainly not adverse to a spot of mountaineering, climbing with a rucksack full of heavy camera equipment does take a passion and a level of commitment I don’t normally employ when photographing cityscapes.
I believe that photographing The Lake District in my joiner style brings them alive, while it can perhaps fragment the vista, it also causes you to look, and hopefully appreciate, the different elements which make up that landscape.