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Cornwall is a very pretty corner of the UK which offers some interesting and unique landscapes to photograph in my joiner style. Being able to photograph these beautiful landscapes as joiners is immensely gratifying as it offers a fresh perspective and brings highlight to elements which often get overlooked. Cornwall offers unique challenges with landscapes often hiking distance away from the nearest road, but the plethora of opportunities are there for the taking, and as far as I’m concerned these are two of the elements I look for when scouting a new location.
I spend around one month every year in Cornwall and so have ample opportunity to get to the many interesting locations and landscapes the Cornish countryside has to offer. However, as I’m often on holiday I don’t always get out to photograph as much as I’d like, and couple that with the fact that life in Cornwall is a lot slower than I’m used to in London, it can sometimes be tricky just getting out of bed in the morning.
Cornwall has long been a meca for artists, such as Barbara Hepworth and John Miller, largely due, or so I’m told, to the quality of sunlight which apparently is different to the sunlight found in other parts of the UK; and with communities based around St Ives painting and portraying every facet of Cornwall, it can sometimes be challenging to photograph in a fresh way. However this is where my joiner photography excels as it’s most likely none of the locations I photograph have ever been photographed in quite the same way as I do when I construct a joiner.
I’m always happy to accept commissions, or even suggestions on possible locations to photograph, so please get in contact and suggest away..