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Bigger than a big bag of big things…

I’ve been made aware (thanks Simeon) of a free online service/software provided by Microsoft, called whereby you upload large images and they use some voodoo trickery to show the image full size.

This is, for obvious reasons, amazing for me, as it means I can finally show my work full scale to my adoring audience!!

I’m aiming to revisit every joiner on my site and add an additional image using this software which will allow you to zoom in and see the detail of the joiner.

As a starter I’ve embedded the Mayors Building joiner below to give you a taste of what to expect.

Move your mouse over the joiner below and click the Using software to zoom in to a joiner full size. icon in the right hand bottom corner to expand the image full screen (click the the same icon again to send it back to it’s original size). Click the joiner to start zooming in (or use the + and – in the bottom left corner), you can then use your mouse to move around to see the joiner in all its glory.. :)


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  1. Great stuff – awesome to be able to view in “all their glory”… and they are just glorious…

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