The Ariel Atom, a joiner created by Mark Murfitt © 2013 . All rights reserved.

Ariel Atom 2

The Ariel Atom can be summed up in one word, fascinating.

Everything about it is fascinating; it’s speed, something which quite literally takes your breath away (either that or you forget to breath..); it’s design, unique and certainly one of a kind; it’s price-tag, surprisingly cheap, however it’s probably it’s stats which deliver fascination to every school boy, and every school boy at heart. I won’t bore you with them now, but check out this LINK when you have a moment..

I have a challenge for you regarding the ‘Inspriation Song’ below, the challenge is to actually listen to the track and use the image below to look at the Ariel Atom joiner full screen. Use some headphones if you have them, play the track and look at the photo, and I mean really look!
You’ll start off loving the joiner, then you’ll really start looking at the details and begin to hate it, but as the track progresses, all 5min 45ses of it, you’ll then start to fall in love with the joiner all over again. And you know why? Cause you’ll be looking at the car, really looking at it in context of the environment. You’ll suddenly start to see a beautiful piece of engineering, sitting in a beautiful landscape at a beautiful time of day at a beautiful time of year..and you’ll appreciate them all at once..

Viewing Instructions:

To view this joiner at it’s best, do the following
– Plug in headphones
– Hit the play button on the audio player below
– On the window below click the icon in the bottom right hand corner (a square with a diagonal line through it)
– Sit back and enjoy the joiner as it was meant to be enjoyed!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Picture particulars:

Dimensions: 6.4m wide by 3.8m high (21.33ft x 12.67ft)

Photos used: 45

Song inspiration: Gregorio Allegri – Miserere Mei Deus

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  1. Stunning images of a stunning subject. Great work Mark.

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