My name is Mark Murfitt, and creating photographic joiners is my passion.

‘Joiners’ is the name given to the slightly odd looking type of photography found on this site (I’ve also heard them called composite and montage compilations, but I prefer to call them joiners).

I’ve been creating joiners for the past three years, and have fallen in love with the way they represent an over photographed cityscape/landscape¬† making it come alive with new detail.
As a photographer the trick to taking a great landscape photo is to find an ‘angle’, which for an over-photographed subject can be very difficult, however when that same landscape is photographed as a joiner it looks completely new and fresh..or at least I think so.

One of my joiners can consist of up to 100 individual photographs, which I then ‘join’ using top secret software techniques to form a single image. The process of photographing and putting a joiner together can take some time, the variables being accessibility and complexity, but around two days for the entire process isn’t unusual.

I’m often asked what I like most about my joiners, if I’m honest, it’s not normally the subject, it’s the size! The largest to date is around 34ft wide, yep, you read that right, 34ft!!
The large size is due to the number of photos which make up a joiner, each one of which is slightly larger than an A3 piece of paper. To see my joiners printed to scale would be amazing, the only problem is, where do you hang a 34ft wide picture?!

This is where it gets a little weird and arty, but these joiners are like my children. Why? Well, I take a very considered approach to each joiner I photograph; prior to photographing the subject I’ve spent time researching the subject, and then on-site it can take quite some time to ensure the composition is just right, often wandering around quite a large area surrounding the area I want to photograph to ensure I have the position just right. Once I have all the individual photos in the bag I’ll download them all and spend considerable time joining the photos together, ensuring each photo is looking its best and through the amount of time and effort I’ve invested in each joiner it leaves me feeling precious and protective over them.
I realise that all art is subjective, but should you feel the need to critique then be assured I may look as if I’m paying attention, I’ll be nodding, I may even be making agreeable sounds, but I’m not listening, and you can be sure my internal monologue is plotting your downfall… :)

You may notice, under the ‘Picture Particulars’ for each joiner that there’s a ‘Song Inspiration’, I’d like to give a brief explanation on this:

When I’m creating a joiner, sat in front of my computer, I like to listen to music, and quite often the joiner can be affected to some degree by the music I listen to. I’ve included the inspired song as I believe the joiner can only be truly appreciated when viewed whilst listening to it’s given inspiration piece of music. It’s not always modern music as I have an eclectic musical taste, but the song featured is the one I believe best epitimises the joiner..if you get what I mean..

I hope you enjoy these joiners as much as I do photographing and putting them together, if you do have an thoughts or requests then please use the contact page to flick me an email.